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Our cats and kittens are Vetted regularly and are guaranteed healthy and disease free. Our cats are fed a blend of premium foods so their transition from our home to yours will be less stressful, as they are already accustomed to eating most of the premium foods such as Royal Canin, Iams, Eukanuba, Nutro, etc. They receive the kitten blend until they are one year old to insure they receive all the nutrients and supplements a growing "Wegie" requires before going on the adult blend of the same foods.

The Wegie is a slow developing breed, not reaching full maturity until about three years old; consequently, we do not place any kittens prior to four months of age to make sure the kittens are completely weaned, socialized and have had all first year shots. We place kittens as pets with either a spay/neuter agreement or have them altered prior to placing. Our kittens are not placed as "show" but may be shown without restrictions. If you plan to show please let us know so we may assist you in selecting a kitten for that purpose.

Prices vary with the lines being bred, with kitten prices starting at $600, plus shipping expenses.
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We can ship nationally and internationally.

Pedigrees are provided for your inspection upon request and are sent with the kittens being placed along with their health records.

Privacy Policy
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If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact us directly.
News and Tidbits
  Norsk Skogkatt History

Although in the United States the Norwegian Forest Cat is considered a "New Breed," it is indeed centuries old in its native homeland. Norse mythology speaks of a cat so huge that even the god Thor could not lift it from the ground. The goddess of Love and Fertility, Freya, had a carriage pulled by two large cats.

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  Breed Characteristics

In describing the Forest Cat, the foremost characteristic is disposition. They continually exhibit their love of people. If they have a fault, it is that they want to be with you and love you all the time.

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