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Obi is absolutely PERFECT!!! I love him SO much! He is just sweet, beautiful, loving. He is so happy to get petted and sit with me. He purrs all the time. He is very tolerable of the kids and he lets them pick him up all the time. He is wonderful! We all love him! thank you so much!

L. Morgan, Oklahoma

I am so glad we got two of them. They are great company for each other and hang out together most of the time. When we play with feathers and sparklies on a stick they take turns. It is so sweet. Lumiere will let Frederick play for awhile and then he will take his turn while Frederick waits. We are getting a lot of enjoyment from them and sure appreciate you for letting us adopt them.

A. Gribben, Michigan

Ozzy is a little toot! is not afraid of anything!!! We sure do love him!!!

S. Campbell, Texas

We couldn't be happier! Everyone is getting along fine. They were all best friends within a day.

D. Brown, Florida

What a great cat! She spent about 30 minutes inspecting her new "digs" (aka guest bedroom) and then just wanted to be with us. She looked at her food, water and litter box but was not interested. At least she was reassured that they were all there when she decides to use them. You can hear her purr from 10 feet away!

C. Apelia, Florida

Nessa is a dream! She is truly the sweetest cat we have ever owned! She loves us all, but in particular, my husband Earl. She loves Sandy our dog too which is wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful kitten.

H. Adams, Florida

He is the most loving, good natured animal I have ever met. Thank you so much for letting me adopt Niels - he is a constant source of entertainment and snuggles for our family.

J. Chadwick, Alaska

He's just the sweetest thing. We should name him Tigger because I've never seen a cat jump and climb like he does! I'm so glad that we have him.

L. Jolly, LA

I have to say that when I saw this litter online, I thought it was the prettiest I'd ever seen.

She's always happy, playful and full of purrs. I think she's the most well adjusted kitten I ever had. She really rules the house! John and I are crazy about her.

V. Reeve, WA

Susan, thanks for your quick reply. You have been a pleasure to work with!

It's only been a week but, it feels like Neo has been with us forever--what a perfect fit! Neo is really an incredible kitten! He seems SO wise for such a little guy!

P. Mehmet, FL

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News and Tidbits
  Norsk Skogkatt History

Although in the United States the Norwegian Forest Cat is considered a "New Breed," it is indeed centuries old in its native homeland. Norse mythology speaks of a cat so huge that even the god Thor could not lift it from the ground. The goddess of Love and Fertility, Freya, had a carriage pulled by two large cats.

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  Breed Characteristics

In describing the Forest Cat, the foremost characteristic is disposition. They continually exhibit their love of people. If they have a fault, it is that they want to be with you and love you all the time.

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