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What is the Difference Between the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon?
The Maine Coons are rectangular where the wegies have longer hind legs. The head shape is different, and there is a marked difference in the fur texture - the Maine Coons have a silky outer coat while the Skogkatt have a coarse coat of quite stiff hairs. The agouti colors - i.e. the tabbies - seem to have a thicker, softer fur than the solid colored cats, unlike the Maine Coons who have the same texture for all patterns/colors.

The Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon Cat Comparison
There is one common bond between the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon Cat: They both evolved from domesticated cats that lived in very cold climates. They are similar, yet very different. Both are very intelligent and affectionate, being very people oriented, but the Norwegian Forest Cat is more demanding of affection. In appearance the Maine Coon is a long cat with a rectangular body and a feral look, while the Norwegian Forest Cat is medium in length, more square in shape with a sweeter expression. The following is a general description of these two breeds, which is based on their (TICA) standards and is to be used as a guide only

Norwegian Forest Cat
Maine Coon Cat
Triangular Wedge shaped with a square muzzle
Straight Gentle curve
Almond Shaped Large, wide open
Outer edge of the ear follows the line of the head down to the chin, completing the triangle Set high on top of the head, not more than an ears width apart
Medium in length, square in appearance Long, rectangular
Hind legs higher than front legs Medium in length
Long and bushy, as long as the body Long and flowing, as long as the body
Distinctive double coat, long guard hairs covering a woolly undercoat Silky, shaggy, uneven coat with a slight undercoat
When mature a profuse ruff develops around the neck Moderate frontal ruff develops around the neck

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News and Tidbits
  Norsk Skogkatt History

Although in the United States the Norwegian Forest Cat is considered a "New Breed," it is indeed centuries old in its native homeland. Norse mythology speaks of a cat so huge that even the god Thor could not lift it from the ground. The goddess of Love and Fertility, Freya, had a carriage pulled by two large cats.

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  Breed Characteristics

In describing the Forest Cat, the foremost characteristic is disposition. They continually exhibit their love of people. If they have a fault, it is that they want to be with you and love you all the time.

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